Obstacles to learning

My main obstacles to achieving my learning goals include being pressed for time and my time is taken by my full time job, family responsibilities and other various things that come up. I am often tired by the end of the day and not able to do much but recharge for the next day. I know the experience and benefits of establishing habits but have been challenged to make it happen for this.

My learning goal

My goal is to learn mobile app development on the iOS platform. I have been interested in this for awhile and I have collected the resources and tools I need to achieve it. 

I am planning to use reference material published by Apple as well as self paced tutorial style courses published by bitfountain.io and Udemy.com

I will also use proven techniques from research on learning and will apply technical affordances such as to-do apps with reminders and this blog to journal my learning experiences. 

I will know I have achieved my goal when I can develop functional, useful and enjoyable apps for Apple iPhone and Watch platforms. I would like to be well on my way to this goal within 1 year to 18 months. 

A learning journal

This blog is dedicated to my quest to learn software development on the iOS platform. 

According to research on learning it is a proven technique to capture your understanding of new topics in an essay format that ties the concepts and rules for solving problems together and re-presents them in your own words. 

This blog is my attempt to do that and this is my first post.